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The climate of United Arab Emirates features a desert climate with hot summers and cool winters. In summer, the weather is hot in UAE with temperatures reaching 45 °C (113 °F) and never drops below 30°C. Life can be made slightly difficult during the summer months due to the extreme heat.

In summer, the water in the Overhead water tank gets hot due to hot weather and scorching heat, which makes the water unbearable for the skin and, you might get burnt. Refreshing effect of a bath is lost if the temperature of water being higher than the body temperature. Young Babies can easily get burns from such hot tap water. Tap water scalds primarily occur in residential kitchens and bathrooms.

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That is why you need to get a water tank cooling system, to lower the temperature of your tank water and make it more suitable for use. Every summer most of us have to deal with the Burning hot tap water coming from the Taps, Overhead Tank thermal insulation, reflective paint, or shading does not yield any satisfactory results as the water from the desalinization is very hot. SABCON Chiller will provide you with cold water throughout the summer even with the ambient temperature of 50 °C.

SABCON Cooling System is designed for cooling of water in the Water Storage Tanks. Our Heat Exchangers are capable of efficient heat transfer at varying combinations of Ambient Temperature, Water Temperature, Water Quality and Relative Humidity. We manufacture Water Chillers from 1Ton to 200Ton capacity for cooling the water.


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