Sabcon Heat Pump

Economic Heat Pumps for cooling Domestic water; A "Heat Pump" is one of the most efficient forms of heating water as free heat is extracted from air and more than 4 times heat is generated for every unit of electrical power consumed. SABCON Water Heat Pump is designed for cooling of water in the Water Storage Tanks. Our Heat Exchangers are capable of efficient heat transfer at varying combinations of Ambient Temperature, Water Temperature, Water Quality and Relative Humidity.

HOW SABCON HEAT PUMP WORKS The unit has to be put in cooling mode. The unit is fitted with a Digital Thermostat in the Inlet Pipe to detect the incoming water temperature. If the measured temperature is below / above the set temperature in winter/ summer respectively the compressor/s will switch on automatically.

If the unit has 4 compressors, then the "time-delay switch ON simultaneously. However, once the pre-set temperature is attained, the compressors may switch OFF simultaneously. The Compressor will stop the unit when the set temperature is attained. The unit has a Flow switch to cut-off the unit if for any reason No/low flow is detected to safeguard the unit. Additionally, the unit also has an inbuilt Anti-freeze Switch for Safety.